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Retreat Information

The Hummingbird Retreat offers a three-day stay and a four-day stay. The three-day retreats are either Thursday - Sunday or Sunday - Wednesday. The four-day retreat is Sunday – Thursday. We do offer rooms if you wish to stay the night, although it's not mandatory that you stay the night.
  • Check-in time is 3 pm (No early arrivals please).  Check-out time is 12 pm.
  • We are now offering a daily rate per group (not individual rates), so the more people you have in your group, the cheaper it is. The maximum number of people is 11. By doing this, we can only accepted one check per group for the deposit and one check per group for the balance. 
    • Daily rates are for the entire group (not individual prices), of $500 a day, plus tax. (Example: 3 day retreat = 3 days x $500 a day (for the whole group) = $1500, so if you have a group of 11, that would be $45.45 a day, per person, per day, excluding tax).
  • Food can be provided too. The daily food prices will need to be added to the daily rate, plus tax. The prices are as follows:
    • 6 or less guests - $150 a day
    • 7 - 8 guests - $200 a day
    • 9 - 11 guests - $250 a day  
  • The deposit is $300.00 per group and is due at time of booking by check, e-check, or cash. This is non-refundable (as we have reserved these dates for you and your friends), but it may be transferred to a new date within 12 months of the original booking. If you cancel within 30 days of your scheduled retreat, the deposit is non-refundable or non-transferable. Please understand that at the time you book with us, we take those dates off the calendar and don't offer a waiting list, so please make sure you choose your dates that are perfect for you, and reduce cancellations by keeping your desired dates. Thank you.
  • The remainder of the retreat balance is due upon arrival and can be paid by cash, check, or e-check.
  • Open Retreats for 2024 are as follows: March 28th - 31st, May 23rd - 26th, July 25th - 28th, September 26th - 29th, and November 21st - 24th. If you are interested in an open retreat, you can call 936-661-0684 to reserve your stay. Full payment of this retreat is due upon reservation. If cancelled 30 days or more in advance, you can reschedule for another retreat within the next 6 months.  If cancelled within the 30 days, payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Open retreats will not have the option of providing food so please bring the items you'd like to eat. The cost of open retreats are $80 per day per person, plus tax.

                                                                                                          *Rules and policies are subject to change without notice.

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Rate Sheet

Retreats now have a daily rates for the whole group (these are not individual rates), of $500 per day, plus tax

If you want food to be included with your retreat, please add the following amount to your daily rate:
6 or less guests - $150 a day, plus tax (for the entire group)
7 - 8 guests - $200 a day, plus tax (for the entire group)
9 - 11 guests - $250 a day, plus tax (for the entire group)

Arrival Time - 3 PM
Departure time - 12 PM
3 Night Stay Thursday - Sunday 
3 Night Stay Sunday - Wednesday 
4 Night Stay Sunday - Thursday 


The Hummingbird Retreat - Menu


This is for retreats that pay to have food provided.

The following is our menu with the ingredients that go into making the various dishes.

Our goal is to provide this menu to the leader of each group so they can check with their attending members:

  • Food will be pre-made will have heating instructions included. Please understand, anyone with problems and/or allergies with the menu, we can make minimum changes, but we cannot prepare separate menus as we are not set up like a restaurant and don’t have the capabilities of making a lot of changes.
  • Make sure those with food allergies are made aware of the ingredients in the following dishes so that a one meal is made for everyone.
  • If you don't see something you want on the below menu, please feel free to bring that particular item. We have plenty of room to refrigerate your food. 
  • Due to food shortages and/or price increases, some items may not be available. We will do our best to accommodate your requests but please know that we may have to have substitutions for your menu choices.



         This will consist of toast, yogurt, granola bars, cereal, (1) one breakfast casserole, orange juice, and milk.     



  •      Homemade chicken salad (Chicken, grapes, apples, pecans, celery, mayo, and salt & pepper)

    • served with croissant rolls
    • served with chips
  •     Ham, turkey lunch meat, cheese slices, lettuce, tomatoes, and wheat or whole grain bread  (Served with chips)


    DINNER: Pick 2 items (This menu will change from time to time and by season. Please refer to this before requesting your desired selections.)


                 A cold weather favorite - Homemade chili made with hamburger meat, tomatoes, beans, and seasoning. (Served with Frito’s and onions)


                 Ground hamburger meat, onion, mushrooms, beef broth, sour cream, flour, whipping cream, Worcestershire sauce, and garlic (served with salad)
  •      MANICOTTI

                Cheese stuffed pasta shells and topped with marinara sauce. (Served with Salad)

  •      SPAGHETTI AND MEATSAUCE                   
                     Spaghetti noodles, with hamburger meat, spaghetti sauce, and various seasonings (served with salad)


               Chicken, Rotel tomatoes, cream of chicken soup, cream of mushroom soup, chili powder with tortillas (Served with salad)

  •       CHICKEN ENCHILADA SOUP           
                    Chicken, black beans, corn, diced tomatoes, Enchilada Sauce, chicken broth, and green chilis (Served with cheese, sour cream, and chips)

  •      TACO SOUP

               Ground beef, ranch seasoning, corn, mixture of beans, diced tomatoes, and seasonings. (Served with cheese, sour cream, tortilla chips)

  •      TAMALE PIE

              Hamburger meat with enchilada sauce, seasonings, cheese, corn, and onion, then filled with a cornbread topping. (Served with salad)


              Lean ground meat, onion, Rotel tomatoes, cream of mushroom soup, cream of chicken soup, enchilada sauce, corn tortillas, and cheese (Served with salad)


             Shredded pork loin, onions, cheese, enchilada sauce, corn tortillas, with a cilantro lime slaw that consists of cilantro, mayo, coleslaw mix, cumin, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, green onions, and lime juice (Served with tortilla chips)


    Thank you again for coming to The Hummingbird Retreat. We strive to make your visit a wonderful experience.

                             * Our menu items change from time to time. The menu with the most updated information will be sent to you before your retreat.