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  • What is the arrival/departure time? The arrival is at 3:00 pm. The departure is 12 noon.
  • Can we come before 3 on our arrival day? We prefer that you come at 3 on your arrival day. We also need the time before your arrival to get the retreat ready for your stay.
  • Do we bring our own food? The Hummingbird Retreat has different packages to select from. Please click XXXX to see the different packages that we offer for you. If you would like to bring additional snacks, you are certainly are welcomed to do so.
  • Can we bring alcohol? You can bring any drinks you wish to bring. We will provide coffee for you.
  • Do we bring our own linens? No, we have everything you need here for you. Some people though like to bring their own pillows and you can do that if you’d like to.
  • Do we strip our beds before we leave? This is up to you. It will help us a lot if you strip your bed, but it's not required.
  • Can I have my own bedroom? The Hummingbird Retreat asks that the guests stay two per room. If a guest requests an individual room, and it is available, at an additional fee of $50 per night for that guest for that visit.
  • What equipment does The Hummingbird Retreat have? We have an iron (and recommend that you bring your own) as well as design walls for your projects, a big ironing table, and 2 big cutting tables, with one being the incredible Martelli adjustable table.
  • Do you have Wi-Fi? Yes, there is wi-fi available for your convenience.
  • Are there T.V.’s? Yes, there are T.V.’s in every bedroom, living room, and dining room. We also provide basic cable with sports channels for the sports enthusiast in you.