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About Martha

Martha has been a resident of Huntsville, Texas since 1984. She was married for over 56 years, (he recently passed away), has three daughters, five grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. She loves spending time with her family and is always there to help them with whatever they may need. Martha puts everyone first and is happy to take the back seat to their endeavors and let them shine. Her family has always been a priority for her. According to her family, she is the most caring person that they know. She loves unconditionally and doesn’t expect anything in return.

Martha is also a cancer survivor and lives every moment to the fullest. She is five years’ cancer-free now and is blessed that she had her family and friends to help her through her illness.

Nothing stops Martha from welcoming new and returning guests at her retreat and making them feel comfortable, relaxed, and pampered. Martha truly feels that each person deserves to be spoiled during their stay at The Hummingbird Retreat and works tirelessly to do so. If you’re looking for someone who you’ll love to be around, someone to treat you the best you can be treated, and somewhere you want to relax and get pampered, look no further. Martha is the person you will want to know and The Hummingbird Retreat is the place you will want to stay.

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